Hail Center

Hail precipitation recurs yearly and causes considerable damages to vehicles and buildings.

The free of defects in the paint work technique for depression removal has since log ago established itself in the daily routine of workshops as a repair method

Pressure, glue and multi liner technology are a component of the today's modern repair methods.

The company Dellflex with its partner companies is with more than 60 own and affiliated depression engineers for assurances as well as for car groups and car dealers nationwide active.

Mass inspections are carried out among other things for assurances and expert's organizations in Germany and Europe by our highly qualified and competent specialist staff.

Vehicle inspections can be carried out within 24 hours for assurances and expert's organizations within Europe.

Various assurances are contracting partners of our organizations.

Our specialist staff is able to carry out damage inspections and damage repairs within 24 hours.

Car dealers and paint shops in Germany and Europe use the high-class standard of the hail and park depression repair of our specialist staff for several years.