Unique the multiliner

Depression removal free of tension without effort by Modulations direct debits.


No year without hail damages!!!

Swift professional and stress-relieved repair with the Multiliner

Multiliner XL

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The next hail surely comes!

We offer you a very effective and unique product to rectify dents with the Dellflex Multiliner XL.

Professional working with a time saving of up to 80%

From repairing hail damages up to the conventional removal of dents on the car body, all that can be done easily and effective in a pretty short time and without defects in the paint.

This new technology replaces or complements the up to date known repair methods such as techniques using pressure and glue in an ideal way.

With the developed and patented electronic direct debit for the dents removal, the claims and demands of assurances were fulfilled to a repair free of tension in the full extent!!!