We tell you no lies!

It can be that the actual expenditure precipitates for the hail depression removal is higher than was ascertained in the certificate. That's why our price-list is worked out closely with you, the insurers.  She corresponds "hail expert II" of Audatex and DAT – a program applied from most the insurers and consultants.

We offer you a completely new kind of the hail damage management

  • Competent partners in the hail area
  • A unique overview of the status of the damages
  • A contact for the whole winding up
  • Integration of the experts is expressly wished
  • Organisation of drive in to the damage admission
  • Support of the Dellflex-repair partners with the repair and administration of the damages
  • Winding up of the damages in a calculable time frame
  • Unequivocal criteria for the appraisal of the events