Multiliner XL

Multiliner XL

The Multiliner-XL is a many-sided applicable product for the crafts enterprise as well as for the large-scale industry. A lot of uses are already used in the car industry of the European car manufacturers.


The applicability in the car body construction and in the area of the connection technology is trendsetting.


Warming up that could only be done with conventional sweat technologies and warming procedures now can be accomplished with the new technology point-exactly with variable time and temperature defaults very fast.


In the range of application of the Multiliner - XL is in full extent the range of application of the Multiliner - L contains and, in addition, by the following functions extends:


  •          solve from garnish mouldings without effort and damage
  •         remove from emblems without damage to the re-use of the distant components
  •         enter from materials at adjustment work in the car body construction
  •          Back distortion of damaged components by direct debit
  •          solve from stuck components of every kind in connection with metals
  •          warming up procedures of different kinds in the construction of vehicles


Our team works steadily on new use components around the functional extent of the Multiliner - on extending XL. Also custom-made products are built by request of our customers.