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If it has got your car...

A hailstorm is a physical power which one cannot detain. Also damage in transit and park damages belong to the bad luck of the everyday life.

If your car has suffered, e.g., hail damage, the assurances normally cover it up with a part insurance cover. The damage freedom discount does not get lost in the progress. You should ask your assurance directly about the benefits in the insured event.

What is to be done with a hail or park depression damage?

  • Get possibly immediately in touch with your assurance. If your assurance works togetherwith a hail expert as for example Dellflex and their partners, you will receive fast an appointment for a certificate.
  • Alternatively you are also able to get yourselves in touch with a partner enterprise of a hail expert to get information about repair possibilities. With pleasure we also help you with a choice of one reliable workshop in your nearness.