Every hailstorm is different!

A hail damage in the car can be coined very differently. Besides, only the size of a hailstone is not vital. Many different factors influence the magnitude of the damage. This can be:

  •     Diameter and mass of the hailstones
  •    Impact speed, impact place and impact angle
  •     Construction, material and thickness of the outside metal

Our highly qualified specialist staff works on the vehicle repair with the Multiliner and the so-called press and glue techniques. In doing so, the hail depressions are "squeezed out" with special tools and professional know-how.

Where the tools must be attached, recognizes the hail engineer with his trained eye and with the help of a special source of light. These technologies protect and conserve the original varnish. Time-consuming work with the spatula and the paint belong with it to the past.